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Since the very beginning of our history, we always have been focused to spend budgets of our clients efficiently. Events are more than just good looking created worlds with (hopefully) a lot of happy people, although this is the fun part of our business. We are keen to drive customers purchase intensions, or to hit any other KPIs which are linked to the events and therefore already include those from the very beginning in our strategic planning. And therefore we developed several tools to track your events performances, enabling to analyze customer journeys, relevance of your product portfolio, event programs, or any other happening related to your event – fully automatically.

With Smart:Positions we, together with our partner, have created an event tracking system, which offers us a flexible platform which is fully adjustable to your needs and requirements. Smart:Positions is counting people, assesses dwelling times in different areas, track your customers engagement level, can create heatmaps of your physical event and much more. Event tracking therefore is the first step of generating return of your event investments. By knowing your customers engagement level, interests and needs, we can personalize event experiences and drive their purchase intension more effectively.

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